I had a guy look at me and say that I would never make it in this business because I didn’t have the drive for it. I’m not the most popular Youtuber, I’m not a famous director. I have never got first place in anything that I have ever done, ever. Ever! I’ve been arrested for filming twice. I’ve lived with $20 in my account, between jobs, and I could only eat once per day until I got my other job. [x]

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"Only on [system I don’t have]!"


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So apparently there is a type of animal called the Japanese Raccoon Dog. They’re basically just giant raccoon’s with serious amounts of floof.

Look how magestic they are. It’s incredible


Suspicious Raccoon Dog knows wat u been doin’





The idea there are those not aware of probably my favorite animal (tied with skunks and deer) breaks my heart so reblogging this. :T

Although I will note they’re actually canines, not raccoons!

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POSTED • Sep. 21, 2014
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Watch the original video here ( x )
Before I saw this video, I always kept a book for my homework. I use grid paper and it’s perfect for BJ… Heh. After watching this, it helped me to start developing a system I’m currently satisfied with. 

To-do apps don’t work with me. It always just sits on my screen with a notification and swiping something doesn’t feel as satisfying as crossing it out victoriously with a pen. ^_^

  1. LEGENDS ( you can also do it like thisHelps you quickly figure out what certain tasks are at a glance. The colours are for my spiraldexes which I will not be discussing unless you guys request it. c:
  2. Pages This is basically what my pages look like. I write the numbers at the lower corners.I also added sticky notes for extra stuff like memorizing my moral definitions. :p
  3. Calendar  ( x ) If you watch the video, you’re supposed to list out the dates but I prefer both, so I draw a calendar and paste it in my book and list out all the really appointments/stuff I have to do in my drawn calendar and some not-important-but-still-worth-noting notes in my list-calendar.
  4. Index Just write down the pages as shown in the video. Pretty simple. 
  5. Other things you can include: I also stick some motivational images on the last page and stuff like that. Spiraldexes can be fun but they tend to be a little time consuming to draw or at least, I can seem to use them effectively. :c
  1. Have pages especially for grocery lists/ grades/ etc. 
  2. Page full of favourite recipes
  3. Stick an envelope at the back cover and fill it with motivational inspiration!
  4. Stick printables ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
  5. Start a goal/wishlist!

 Good luck! :* 

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POSTED • Sep. 21, 2014


please watch this vine

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dewitten’s video game female character meme:

      ↳ day one: a protag ➩ Chell (Portal 2)

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